A throwback to those memorable days of 11th-12th. Meeting such nerds has always beena pleasure and a moment full of benevonance. Still my mind is anxious of the fact that how Abhijeet and Sachin actually cleared the 11th final exams and made it through 12th and was our VP MAN actually obsessed with Pradeep on his statement of “MAM ALL WERE SHOUTING SO I WAS ALSO SHOUTING”, a reply a teacher should never expect and last but not the least, how AUROBINDO ROUT ESCAPED THE PRACTICALS by hiding his records at my house. Isn’t it strange, nope it isn’t as a company of bad boys is a fantastic one. We were the ones who showed utmost unity in finishing our tiffins in the 3rd period of mathematics , although it was this subject which had the last laugh on our faces , craving for “REVENGE”. Nothing has changed except the facial looks, all set to follow the beard goals,all busy in their own drama and dilemma, even today I have strict allegations against me staying “DID ARIHANT HELPπŸ˜‚” and I still I am devoid of any answers and even though I have one , I won’t be telling one as for the next time we meet, I still want the question to hit me dragging out the pleasure of me to smile and gaze such happy faces and to continue the long lasting conversation as memories sharpen with every fraction of second passing by.


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